Today's Hunter Northeast

Today's Hunter Northeast


Today's Hunter Northeast: A Guide to Hunting Responsibly and Safely is a student manual developed for hunting students in the northeast United States. This manual introduces you to U.S. hunting regulations and provides general information about firearm equipment, basic shooting and hunting skills, ethics and safety, survival skills, and wildlife identification.

Since the introduction of hunter safety education courses, firearms fatalities have fallen dramatically. According to the NSSF, hunting is one of the safest activities in the U.S.—safer than basketball, bicycle riding, and rollerskating!

With this handbook, you can ensure you are well-prepared to make every hunting trip a safe one. Hunting safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Topics include:

  • Firearm Equipment
  • Good Marksmanship and Accuracy
  • Hunting from Elevated Stands
  • Hunting Strategies
  • Primitive Hunting Equipment and Techniques
  • Hunter Ethics
  • Preparation and Survival Skills
  • Wildlife Identification
  • And much more… 

Hunter Education

Make your learning about hunting safety fun and easy by taking an online hunter education course at Hunter Ed works with IHEA-USA, more than 35 state agencies, and industry partners to develop approved and recognized online hunter safety courses. With a safety course, hunters of all ages can become more successful and ethical hunters.

It’s always a good idea to brush up on your hunter education. Sign up for your state course now.