Today's Hunter in Virginia PDF and Worksheet

Today's Hunter in Virginia PDF and Worksheet


This item includes the PDF documents of the Today’s Hunter in Virginia student manual and the student worksheet. To prepare for your in-person Hunter Education Course:

    1. Download the free manual and worksheet PDF documents by clicking “Add to Cart.”
    2. Print the worksheet and fill it out by using Today’s Hunter in Virginia as a resource.
    3. Bring your completed worksheet with you to your in-person Virginia Basic Hunter Education Course as proof of home-study.

Learn on the go with the Today’s Hunter in Virginia eBook. Download here for $4.99.


Hunter Education

This manual introduces you to U.S. hunting regulations and provides general information about firearm equipment, basic shooting and hunting skills, ethics and safety, survival skills, and wildlife identification. Learn to be a responsible hunter, and prepare to earn your Hunter Education Certificate.

Persons 12 to 15 years old and all first-time hunters who buy a hunting license in Virginia need to pass a Virginia Hunter Safety course. Become a safer hunter today!